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Exclusive Services

UnEarthed Coaching & Consulting's commitment is to provide you with specialized one on one coaching, tailored to meet your unique needs. Through our accessible and targeted approach, we will work with you toward establishing achievable goals that lead to transformational change. If you are prepared to maximize your potential both personally and professionally, an investment in exclusive coaching services may just be what you need.



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Confidence Building & Accountability Coaching

We provide confidential coaching, for the working professional and executive, that will boost their confidence and provide tips on how to be assertive and successful. Our specialties are in the area of Imposter Syndrome, low self-esteem/self-doubt, and introversion.  Through small, achievable goals we work with our clients to create a path towards success that isn’t overwhelming and never fails to inspire. 


Networking Coaching

Building your network can bring incredible opportunities. Our Network Coaching services help young professionals make valuable connections that lead to networks that may offer renewal and success in their life and career. Clients receive high quality coaching sessions that empower them through skill building, regular accountability checkups and an expert trainer that will enable them to elevate their business worth and venturing into uncharted territories.


Resiliency Coaching 

Resiliency Coaching provides an affirming approach to help build personal strength in the face of adversity. Our resilience coaching services are tailored specifically to recognize and support impactful individuals through tough times by highlighting strengths & talents. We believe in cultivating both an affirming mindset, “I have what I need” vs. a “deficit explanation” allows all people a renewed creativity in their lives.

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