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Exclusive Services

 Expert consultancy services can achieve extraordinary outcomes. If you're looking for guidance on complex challenges UnEarthed Coaching & Consulting leads with its unyielding dedication to finding the best answer for our clients. We specialize in providing exclusive tailored solutions answers to each customer's unique situation.

Corporate & Government Social Responsibility Consulting

Community outreach & engagement is at the heart of our Corporate & Government Social Responsibility consultation sessions. We work with our clients to arrive at sustainable solutions that help them foster strong, local connections within their community. Strategies include partnerships, data analysis & management, and relationship risks & management. Novel outside of the box solutions towards productive outcomes are a core part of our services. 


Talent Retention Consulting

Young talent is the lifeblood of our community. We must actively nurture and retain it to maintain a thriving local economy. Without investment in retaining youthful energy, our community risks becoming stagnant and losing out on vital creative solutions that young professionals can bring to the table.  UnEarthed Coaching & Consulting works with organizations and community groups to develop long-term strategies that keep bright, enthusiastic minds engaged in their communities. We help our clients find ways to connect these forward-thinking individuals to meaningful activities during the “5pm-9pm” so that they may make lasting impressions during their “9am-5pm”. 

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