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Build Better Bonds: Avoid These Networking Faux Pas

Networking is all about building strong relationships with people and creating a mutually beneficial network. With the power of networking, you can achieve career growth, professional development, and business success. However, it's effortless to make mistakes that may be detrimental to your networking journey. In this post, you will learn the common mistakes that people make when networking, and how to avoid them. This will help you establish your networking game and improve your interpersonal communications skills.

Not Knowing Your Purpose

Networking is not something that you do because you're bored or have nothing else to do. You must have a clear purpose as to what you want to achieve from networking. Are you networking to find a job, or are you seeking a mentor to guide you in your career? Knowing your goal will help you focus your efforts and make it easier for you to build relationships.

Constantly Checking Your Phone

When you attend networking events, it's essential to be present and engage with people. Constantly checking your cell phone sends a message that you're not interested in networking, and you're there for the sake of it. Put away your phone and give your undivided attention to the people you're speaking with. This shows that you're interested in them and want to build a relationship.

Forgetting To Follow Up

One of the critical steps to successful networking is to follow up with the people you meet. This helps to solidify the relationship that you've established and continue the conversation. It's essential to follow up within 24 - 48 business hours after meeting the person. It can be a simple email or text message thanking them for their time or scheduling a follow-up meeting. Not following up can give the impression that you're not serious or interested in building a relationship.

Monopolizing The Conversation

Many people make the mistake of dominating the conversation when networking. They talk too much and don't listen to what the other person is saying. This highjack the conversation and turns people off. Networking is a two-way dialogue where both parties talk and listen. It's essential to ask questions and show a genuine interest in what the other person is saying. Listening is an essential skill in networking, and it's essential to practice it to build strong relationships.

Being Inconsistent

Networking is a continuous process that requires consistency and effort. It's not a one-off event that you attend and forget about. It's essential to attend networking events regularly and follow up with the people you've met to maintain a relationship. Being inconsistent can cause the relationship to falter or make the other person not take you seriously.

Networking is an essential component in building a successful career and making a few tweaks to your approach can make all the difference. Avoiding the mistakes listed above will help you build a strong network of contacts that will help you achieve your career goals. Remember to have a clear purpose, be present, follow up, listen, and be consistent. With this, you'll be on your way to becoming a networking pro.

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