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Cherri (née Peate) Kulp, CPEC, ACC

Certified Personal & Executive Coach, Consultant

Meet Cherri

Personal & Executive Coach, Consultant

As an experienced personal & executive coach, I work directly with clients on a confidential basis to help them build self-awareness, self-confidence, clarify their goals, prepare to overcome obstacles, and develop strategies for their own personal & professional growth. My clients appreciate being held accountable while also being helped to stay focused and committed to their goals. 

As a consultant, I am experienced with helping individuals and organizations reach their highest potential. I have the flexibility to provide solutions in the areas of corporate & government social responsibility and talent retention of young professionals. Each project is approached strategically by looking at data critically so that decisions are always managed within relevant specifications and standards. I strive to provide the resources needed to effectively manage any project brought into my counsel. 


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